2019 Aston Martin Lagonda All Terrain Concept
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2019 Geneva Motor Show : Aston Martin Lagonda All Terrain Concept

Aston Martin is known to showcase the most audacious concepts at the Geneva Motor Show. What stands part for the brand is to then work its way to make those concepts into reality. At the going show, the brand showcased its all terrain Lagonda concept which is no less than any spacecraft. But, the difference then between other brands and Aston is that it’ll make this crazy concept into reality by year 2022. The Aston Martin Lagonda All Terrain Concept is brand’s attempt to showcase an all electric zero emission drive system which as suggest can conquer any terrain. The brand claims to push the envelope by planning to make this concept its first fully autonomous vehicle, to such an extend where all residents inside the car are passengers.

Being a concept, the Lagonda All Terrain is no less than any actual James Bond vehicle. It carries on the signature Aston Martin grille design with sleek white headlights upfront. However, being an electric there isn’t any actual air intakes upfront, giving the front a lustrous look. The sides of the concept is followed on similar pattern, what does stand out is the lack of B pillars and dual opening of the rear passengers door. The rear door not just opens sideways but also has a glass roof housing which opens in the upwards direction. The lack of pillar coupled with suicide doors gives that car a very space age futuristic look. The rear gets a sudden curve and is followed over by bright LED light thus completing the entire aesthetics of the car. 

On the inside, the Lagonda All Terrain concept is no less than a farfetched design. The brand calls it as the lounge, were one simply steps in and the car takes care of the rest. Four independent seats are fixated and can be rotated to face one another. Focussing on the fully autonomy of the vehicle, the driver’s aid can be switched between the front two passengers. Every bit of element is a combination of velvet and soft touch plush fabric which is smooth to touch and every bit of element in use is fixed with Swarovski crystals. 

While the final iteration of this concept may boil down to exhibition of extreme opulence. The concept showcased at the motor show, is every bit of conversation starter. And as they say, “if wishes were horses, then beggars would ride”, well not enough money in the world could justify the sheer elegance of what the Aston Martin Lagonda All Terrain concept holds.

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