About Us

Driven, fiercely driven by what that defines us. That wind gushing through the trees pierced by the violet thrust of a rapidly accelerating car or the serpentine roads that dance in an intimate belle with a motorcycle that changes direction constantly, and then, that hunger of speed, of thrill and of bettering yourself, every single time. Those uncountable hours spend in talking about the curves and the edges worn by the histories most iconic cars and bikes, to those days spent in understanding, in learning the setups and the technology that defines our religion which was born just a little more than a century ago. We are you, our words are the words you have said, our words are the words you have talked, we are here, WE ARE YOU!

Connected by one passion, joined by one love, we have created a place which you have searched for since long. We are a team of Engineers, of Businessmen, of Scholars, of Wanderers and of Travelers and above all we are a team of people who love automobiles and want to talk about them, write about them, and live them in a way that does justice to these machines bestowed with souls and with character. Our name finds its root in one of the most basic yet integrating parameters ‘RPM’ or Revolutions Per Minute, and then we have added our unashamed acceptance of the fact that we are addicted to these beautiful gorgeous machines, the technology and the legends they encapsulate within them, and this ‘Addiction’ as they say, is of the right kind.

The time has arrived to create a Revolution in the Indian Automotive Journalism, the time has arrived to showcase the ‘Passion’ that fires us and this is the time where we give into our ‘Madness’ and infect the world with it. We are ‘RPM-Addiction’ – Revolution, Passion, Madness and this is just the beginning…..