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First introduced back in the year 2015, the Google powered AndroidAuto was an integrated software assistance which virtually is compatible with any car and helps increasing the seamless transmission. Since 2015, AndroidAuto has trickled down into a regular ecosystem for almost every car irrespective of the price bracket. Google has given the software its first major update. 

Android Auto Layout
Android Auto Layout 1

The major of these updates include introduction of icon based intuitive anchor by ditching the earlier card stye interface. A small navigation bar sits permanently on the bottom of the display which provides turn by turn navigation display and also serves as secondary scree for other applications used in the background. The new notification centre bundles up the messages, cals and email, giving overall a clean look. Google claims that Android Auto is supported by more than 500 car models from 50 different brands, and that the update will roll out to all compatible cars later this summer.