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Bajaj Triumph Collaboration Takes Shape

In efforts to gain a market share in every competitive growing tow wheeler segment. The Indian British duo, Bajaj has teamed up with Triumph to taken major advantage of each other perks. While the announcement of the tie up was hazy earlier, recent reports suggests that the two brands have locked down on mutual agreement which will come into light soon. It seems like Triumph and Bajaj are hammering out the details on how they to make 400cc to 800cc motorcycles together. The brands will collaboratively be spearheading the R&D department. Reports suggest, Triumph will work on technology and development while Bajaj will look after manufacturing and production in India. Nothing has been officiated as of now, but it seems likely that Bajaj will try to push the manufacturing units for India as well as for international markets. 

Bajaj Triumph Agreement signed back in 2017