Ducati Electric Motorcycle
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Ducati Electric Motorcycle might be coming soon-er

If there is any company in the two wheeler space that make us look forward to an electric motorcycle, than it has to be Ducati. And if the rumours are to be believed, the Italian Exotic motorcycle maker is set to unveil its first all-electric motorcycle sooner than expected. Now, ever since Claudio Domenicali, CEO, Ducati ha discussed about the commitment the brand has for a Ducati Electric Motorcycle, the hype behind it has only increased. And there is enough fodder to light this rumour fire as well. Only sometime back Ducati did a study with Milan Polytechnic School of Design that focused on how a Ducati Electric Motorcycle might take form. The concept was called the Ducati Zero, and it was among the more eye catching designs in the pace.

Ducati Electric Motorcycle
Ducati Electric Motorcycle Concept – Ducati Zero
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And that is not all, Ducati has been stamping its name or co-developing (designing?) a few electric bicycles in partnerships as well. One such effort was showcased at 2018 EICMA in the form of the Ducati MIG-RR E-Bike. It was Ducati’s first e-bike product and was developed alongside an E-Bike maker, Thok. The designing of this e-bike was helped by Aldo Drudi’s D-Perf and the Ducati Design Center. If you are in Europe, you can find the stunning (very Ducati) MIG-RR e-Bike from your nearest Ducati Dealer this year.

Ducati Electric Motorcycle
Ducati MIG-RR e-Bike

Then there is the matter of Claudio who has been out riding a Hypermotard with an electric drive.  The electric powertrain on that Hypermotard was from, you guessed it right, Zero FX. This s why recent statement by Claudio at an event in Spain stating clearly that Ducati Electric Motorcycle is near series production seems to carry significant charge in it. In fact, knowing the company’s history of being at the forefront of technical advancement it doesn’t come as a surprise that Ducati could well spearhead the revolution of EV motorcycles by major makers. That said, Ducati’s parent company Audi has also been investing heavily into EV tech and has just recently brought out the all-electric Audi E-Tron SUV. Little doubt that the learnings from that project will also find its way to the R&D department at Borgo Panigale.

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Ducati Electric Motorcycle
Ducati Hypermotard with Zero FX Electric Powertrain

Whatever that it may be, it is safe to assume that the Ducati Electric Motorcycle would surely be a sight to behold, will weigh less than other products and would possess great performance figures. Harley LiveWire seems to be having an intense competitor arriving soon.