Ducati India Race Cup
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Ducati India Race Cup has been announced, Yay!

In news that should make the hearts of all present and future Ducati customers in India pulsating in race rhythm, the company has declared the first-ever Ducati India Race Cup. This comes on the back of the stunning performance by Ducati at the JK Tyre National Championship last year where it won in a dominating way. The Ducati India Race Cup has been scheduled to run at the finale of the 2019 Volkswagen Ameo Cup in October 2019. The race will be held at BIC and should be a rather outstanding sight to behold. Interestingly, Volkswagen happens to be the parent firm of Audi that owns Ducati meaning that the company is striving hard to bring the racing at the forefront of its operations in Indian market.

Ducati India Race Cup
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We like how Ducati has only started to touch upon the massive market that it can create for itself in India. After years of missing its mark, Ducati India, under new leaders and (slightly?) more dedicated dealer network, finally seems to getting the hang of the things. We have been consistently saying this, Ducati still commands a great respect in our market, thy just need right mind-set to work here. Now, we reckon right steps are being made.

Coming back to the event, the Ducati India Race Cup will be organized in collaboration by Ducati India and Volkswagen Motorsports India. And those people who own the Panigale family of Ducati Superbikes along with other Supersport category Ducati’s, will be able to list themselves for the same.

The always insightful and approachable MD for Ducati India, Sergi Canovas while discussing about the event talked about Ducati’s massive win at the aforementioned 2018 JK Tyre Championship. He also shared how Ducati will bring in more iterations of the highly successful DRE track Day alongside trying to get India its own local DRE instructors as well.

Ducati India Race Cup

Speaking about the inclusion of Ducati India Race Cup in the schedule, Mr. Sirish Vissa, Head of Volkswagen Motorsport India expressed his pleasure that this is finally happening. He also emphasised that the VW Group and its diverse portfolio makes it possible to have such collaborations that bring racing to a wider population.  

As per the company, the Ducati India Race Cup aims to be the platform as well an opportunity for the Indian Ducatisti to experience the thrills of racing at the racetrack. They also want to help further the culture of track racing in India as well. Schedule for the first-ever Ducati India Race Cup have been set from October 5-6, 2019. The Qualifying Race will be on October 5 while the final main race event will be held on October 6, 2019.  For all those interested, Ducati India will be sharing further details on their website in a few days.