Kawasaki Ninja 300 Electric
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Electric Powered Kawasaki Ninja 300 Patented

Recently a patent filed by Kawasaki which displays an electric powered 300 with battery swapping tech surfaced online. However, the patent was filed somewhere back in 2013. On further speculation it looks like Kawasaki used the body of the Ninja 300 to showcase the functionality of the electric setup which was filed for patent-ship. The patent shows a bike which is equipped with a large, upside down, L-shaped battery pack that sits where the engine would. Whereas the bike’s electric motor, sits where a gearbox resides conventionally. The images also reveals the mechanism via which the batteries can be swapped without the hassle of deconstructing the entire bike. The image shows use of dolly mechanism to swap the batteries which indicate the weighted of the battery packs on the heavier side. Nothing major has been speculated but Kawasaki’s electric future is guaranteed.