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Erik Buell Launches Electric Brand, Fuell

Renowned Harley Davidson engineer, Erik Buell has teamed up with Francois-Xavier and Terny Frédéric Vasseur to launch the brand, Fuell. The brand looks into the space of solving urban mobility solutions in two wheeler segment. As of now, the brand will be launching with two fully operational products which will be showcased on brand’s official launch on 23rd April, 2019. François-Xavier Terny is the CEO of premium motorcycle brand Vanguard Moto Inc and has invested in companies like Veldt Helmets. Frédéric Vasseur, founder of Spark Racing Technology, that specialises in building the Formula E powertrains and is also the Team Principal of the Alfa Romeo F1 team. As far the credibility goes, all the names have much to back the brand and its image.  

The upcoming products said to launch on the 23rd April are the Flow e-motorcycle and the Fluid electric cycle. The Flow electric motorcycle packs its motors into the rear wheel hub of the bike and is capable of producing 11kW Flow-1 (150-200cc equivalent) and a 35kW Flow-1S version (350-400cc equivalent). The built in of the motor into the rear wheel hub do away with the use of a chain or a belt driven system. On other hand, the electric cycle Fluid, will be available with two removable batteries with a total of 980Wh. A claimed range of up to 200 kms, the Fluid will be offered in a 250 W motor Pedelec (max speed 32 kph) or a 500 W motor S-Pedelec (max speed 45 kph) model.

Fuell Fluid

With prices starting at $10,995 (Rs 7.69 lakh) and $3,295 (Rs 2.3 lakh) for Flow and Fluid respectively in the United States, the brand is committed to proceed with the deliver of the electric cycle but the end of 2019 and the delivery of the electric bike by the year 2021. However, it remains to be seen which other markets Fuell will make itself available in. Official reports suggest the launch of the brand will first take place in US and expand towards European markets before making mark at the Asian segments. 

Fuell Brand