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F1 To Award 1 Point For Fastest Lap

Kicking off the 2019 Formula 1 series opening 2019 Australian Grand Prix, this weekend, the committee has introduced a method to engage better racings. The fastest lap driven by any formula one driver during the race will be awarded 1 championship point, provided they finish in the top 10 in the race. This additional point earned will be tallied towards both, the driver’s and constructor’s championships. 

With 21 fresh championship points up for grabs, this new rule will definitely improve the competitive spirits of the competitors and will also bring in some new strategies for the teams. The new rule was made official after being ratified by the World Motor Sport Council and receiving approval from the F1 Commission. 

1954 F1
Seven people got the fastest lap at Silverstone in 1954

The rule has been brought back to table after a span of 60 years. Earlier, the fastest lap point awarding system made a run from inaugural of 1950’s season to all the way till the end of 1959 season. The rule was discontinued later as the fastest lap records were counted till a single decimal point, giving single point to multiple riders. However, thanks to the day of modernisation, this will no longer be an issue.