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Germany Inaugurates Its First Electric Highway

Germany has inaugurated its first electric highway consisting of overhead poles and wires which can be used to supply electricity to big trucks via a pantograph. The 10 kms long stretch connects Frankfurt airport and a nearby industrial park in the state of Hesse, Germany. This project was developed and fabricated by Siemens AG. This allows the system to connect with big trucks which can then travel with the speed of around 90 kph. The government has also spent around  70 million Euros to develop special electric and hybrid trucks that can use this system with the help of a top-mounted pantograph. The mechanism of the system is similar to the one seen on few Indian local train network. 

While this may be the first of many trials but countries like Sweden, United States have already begun testing and implementation of this technology in harbour areas. The technology consists of an array of sensors that will sense overhead electric lines and automatically raise the pantograph mounted on top of the truck cabin to draw power from the grid. This will help in reducing the considerable efforts of carbon footprint and will also help in better sustenance.