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Honda To Debut EV Prototype At Geneva

Japanese manufacturer Honda, will be showcasing the prototype version of its electric vehicle (EV) at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show held in March 2019. The brand claims its new EV is developed with a focus on functionality and purpose. The prototype sketch demonstrates brand’s interpretation on clean, simple and unique design implementation of the future. The image of this prototype shares a distinct design linked to Honda’s Urban EV Concept which was shown at the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show and later showcased at our 2018 AutoExpo. 

Honda Urban EV Concept
2017 Honda Urban EV Concept

Commenting upon the debut of this new EV, Honda UK head, Dave Hodgetts said, “Honda is trying to mould its vision towards an electric future. The brand is trying to move towards a clean and regenerative form of energy, and the upcoming display concept will illuminate the same philosophy in it’s design. This new implementation will test people’s real attitude towards the car and adaptability of electric transportation in future. There is very little information that can be shared before the concept’s debut, but one thing that can be assured is that the brand’s agenda will push hard to get meaningful information for sustainable future.”

The Urban EV Concept which debuted earlier had a low and wide proportions. The overall dimensions of the car sat between Brio and Jazz. Use of slim A pillars made way for maximum visibility while floating dashboard console houses the steering wheel column was brand’s way of highlighting future. Although, a lot from the exterior has been carried over to the latest EV prototype, it remains to be seen the design implication done on the inside. 

Honda Urban EV Concept Interior
Honda Urban EV Concept Interior

According to press release, the Urban EV represents, “the company’s vision for a world where mobility and daily life are seamlessly linked. The on-board advanced Honda Automated Network Assistant acts as a personal concierge, which learns from the driver by detecting emotions behind their judgments. It can then apply what it has learned from the driver’s past decisions to make new choices and recommendations.

Philip Ross of Honda Motor Europe told the press, “We will incorporate electrified drivelines in two thirds of cars sold in the region by 2025. The introduction of our Power Manager system supports and reinforces our commitment. It uses advanced technology to intelligently integrate the electric vehicle into the wider power network, so it is no longer just a consumer but also a contributor to the grid. It underlines our pledge to develop a more sustainable mobility model.”

This debut of the prototype is Honda’s way of demonstrating its ‘Electric Vision’. The brand commits to convert its two-thirds of European sales into electrified technology by year 2025. A mass production version of the prototype will surface later in the year.