Lexus Digital Side-View
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Lexus says it is finally time for you to have Digital Side-View in Cars

Among the many things that annoy me, the virtually stagnant ORVM tech has got to be among the top most. Problem is, for years now, concept after concept has kept the idea of Digital Side-View alive. However, due to some unknown reasons, car makers have refused to change them old ORVM’s. I mean, this is 2018, we have dancing doors and ‘stupid driver inside’ tech (read autonomous) on cars. But digital side-view in cars? No sir, that’s Tony Stark territory, last time we checked, he was on planet Titan. Yup, that’s Avenger: Infinity War reference, we do have life beyond automobiles, you see.

Now back to my cribbing best, it is almost laughable how the digital side-view is not yet a standard, leave alone being available, anywhere.  I mean, not even the Bugatti Divo has it! And that is probably the maddest thing of car world out there.

Lexus Digital Side-View

All that said, I am happy today, Lexus, has finally decided to bring digital side-view to the real world. In what is a world’s first, Lexus, the luxury brand from the Toyota will add this incredibly useful tech in its products. This starts from the latest Lexus ES sedan which beat the upcoming Audi E-Tron to this milestone.

Benefits – Digital Side-View:

There are quite a few benefits of using digital side-view in cars that should offsets the initial higher costs of the system. The major ones are as follows:

  1. Reduced Drag. This should translate into better fuel efficiency, while aslo helping with acceleration and handling.
  2. The visibility is almost never hindered, meaning a much comfortable drive. It also aids in safety, since the digital side-view can be designed to cover and warn against blind spot issues as well.
  3. A much less, dust, dirt snow, bird dumping’s, nuclear waste (ok, this might be far-fetched) accumulate to cause any visibility related issue.
  4. You can design much cooler looking side profiles.
  5. Since there is less drag, there will be much less wind noise. This translates into much silent drive.
  6. I am already cribbing less, which should be a good thing. Right?

Lexus Digital Side-View

How Lexus Digital Side-View works:

The Lexus Digital Side-View benefits from the use of cameras that have been mounted on a slim stalk located where the traditional mirrors are placed. From these cameras you get a clear view of what’s behind (and ‘around behind’) on two individually placed 5-inch screens, one for left and one for right, at the base of A-pillar, respectively. Lexus says this system debuts on the production ES next month, while the rest of its line-up will get it soon enough.

Lexus Digital Side-View

Sad thing is, this would be available in Japan only, the reason? Well it seems the rest of the world is still trying to understand what ORVM’s are essentially required for. Remember that “Stupid Driver Inside’ tech? Kudos to Japanese authorities to have approved this tech, and they did it like two years ago. Two years ago we still believed DC would pull of Justice League just fine. In other words, Japanese are an evolved human species.

And about that most annoying things in the world, let us all accept, we will never be able to minimize the YouTube app without pausing the video, Sad.

Lexus Digital Side-View

Lexus Digital Side-View