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Paris Motor Show 2018 : Ferrari Monza SP Series Breaks Cover

Ferrari debuted two special and limited edition cars in the Paris Motor Show. These two cars were the first lot out of the ICONA Series platform that Ferrari introduced couple of months back. Ferrari glamoured the show with their special cars the Ferrari Monza SP1 and Ferrari Monza SP2 the Paris Motor Show.

The design inspiration for the two vehicles were induced by the familiar old Barchetta race legends of the 1950’s and 1960’s such as the 166 MM, 750 Monza, and 860 Monza. These cars are known as Barchetta as they have no roof over. Instead the entire body is fitted with a crossbeam that runs across in the middle of the two occupants that provides the overall rigidity and stability to the vehicle.

Ferrari Monza Front

The SP1 only features a single seat and is more pronounced like the race cars design theme, whereas, the SP2 removes the tonneau cover over the passenger side to include a passenger seat. Ferrari has equipped the two cars with the biggest engine on offer, a  6.5 litre V12 from the 812 Superfast which gives a power output of jaw dropping 800 bhp at 8,500 rpm. This makes it the most powerful naturally aspirated V12 engine that the company has to offer. Enzo Ferrari, founder of the Ferrari believed that the engine is the soul of any car and was quoted saying “If there is such a thing as a soul, engines have one”.

Ferrari Monza Interior

Ferrari has given a “Virtual Wind Shield” which is a small design kink over the long bonnet which helps in deflecting the air over the rider’s head. The system is integrated into the fairing ahead of the instrument panel and the steering wheel column. To connect with the exclusivity and to celebrate the heritage of the product, the Ferrari team partnered with the luxury brand Loro Piana and Berlutihas that has designed some accessories which will come along with the car. These includes, a bomber jacket, a scarf, special lace-up Oxford driving shoes, trousers and a carbon fibre / leather helmet that will be a custom fit to the owner and will match the leather of the car. The company will provide both the vehicles with extended 7 years maintenance programme.

Ferrari Monza Profile

Only 499 units of SP1 and SP2 combined will ever be produced and like any other limited runs, all 499 units have already been booked by the riches across the world. Customers can choose between the two models and will have to shell out a whopping USD 3 Million to seal the name on this limited edition. 

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