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Alternative Mobility Series – EV Spec Comparo – Jaguar I-Pace Vs Tesla Model S and Tesla Model X

This feature – Premium EV Spec Comparo Jaguar I-Pace Vs Tesla Model S and Tesla Model X, is a part of our Alternative Mobility Series.

Electric Mobility, was once a dreadful dream for the collective population of petrolhead’s. However, it has not only come out of shadows but is now barging into mainstream with its characteristic whine. Each passing moment, the world is getting to know the damage-man made pollution has already done to our atmosphere. This has also meant that search for Alternative Mobility solutions is rapidly gaining momentum. Whether one likes it or not, the age of electric mobility is finally upon us.

Over the years, the internal combustion engine technology has rapidly been heading towards zenith of technical achievements. While electrics, on the other hand, are still, quite in their nascent growth years. With almost every major automaker trying its hands on electric vehicle technology, there is bound to be a rise of Premium EV market. That said, the current fame of the premium electric vehicle market can be effectively attached to Tesla Auto. Now that Jaguar has decided to draw first blood, it is time we bring you our exhaustive EV Spec Comparo of the Jaguar I-Pace, Tesla Model X and Tesla Model S.

Please Note:

This article is first among our series dwelling upon the future of mobility. Through this series we will be presenting you:

  1. Explanation of Alternative Mobility Technologies.
  2. A deep dive into the various ‘Hybrid’ techs going around and their benefits.
  3. A few specially researched and curated articles covering the Alternate mobility world, holistically. 

Now, lets head back to the topic at hand.  

We are comparing the Jaguar I-pace with the Tesla Model X and the Model S. All these premium EV’s more or less have a same price point. The bigger 100D Tesla’s are just too expensive over the 75D variants to feature here.

EV Spec Comparo – Powertrains and Range

The trio utilizes a similar powertrain setup with twin electric motors at the heart of it. Both motors are placed on the opposite sides, one powering the front wheels and the other pushing the ones at the back. The Jaguar I-Pace clearly dominates the charts when on paper power comparison is done,owing to its 90kw battery. This generates about 394bhp of maximum power and 694Nm of torque. While the Tesla’s generate close to 328bhp of maximum power and 524Nm of torque from their 75kw pack.

Premium EV Spec Comparo Jaguar I-Pace Vs Tesla Model S and Tesla Model X
Premium EV Spec Comparo Jaguar -Pace Vs Tesla Model S and Tesla Model X – Powertrains and Chassis

Apart from the output, the Jag also has a bigger battery capacity at 90 kWh compared to 75 kWh on the Tesla’s. But that is only limited to the theoretical spec sheets, as 2018 Tesla Model S 75D has the longest range at 416Km among the three. The other two have 381Km on Tesla Model X 75D and 386Km on Jaguar I-Pace, respectively. Talking about the battery consumption per 100 Miles, I-Pace and Model X are equally thirsty at an estimate of close to 36 kWh/100 miles. While the Model S is marginally economical at 33 kWh/100 miles.

All three cars in the competition have the feature to use DC fast chargers. However, it’s clearly the Tesla’s who have an upper hand through its humongous Supercharger network (in US at least). The networks also offer free charging up to 400 kWh at the stations to Tesla owners. However, you wouldn’t have to wait much in an I-Pace since Jaguar claims 80-percent charge in 40 minutes from a 100-kW charger.

EV Spec Comparo – Dimensions

Out of all three, Jag is the smallest by all standards. I-Pace is almost 35cm shorter than the Model X and about 30cm shorter when compared to the Model S. It is also lower than the Model X in height as well, while Model S lies on a shorter side.

Thanks to the adjustable air suspension on the Tesla cars, both Model X and Model S have a generous ground clearance. Tesla’s can vary their ground clearance from 5.4-8.3 inches (Model X), and 4.6-6.3 (Model S). The Jag, on the other hand, compromises of the lowest in class clearance of 5.6 inches.

Premium EV Spec Comparo Jaguar -Pace Vs Tesla Model S and Tesla Model X

EV Spec Comparo – Interior and Seat configuration

Since the Jag is most compact in class, the smaller dimensions are also reflected inside resulting in a slightly cramped up interior. Though, when seen in isolation, it is still genuinely spacious with its 5 seat configuration. The Model X is offered with a standard 5 seating configuration but has an optional third-row along with the second row’s captain or bench seating configuration. This means , one can opt for 5/6/7 seats as per their need. The Model S, on the other hand,  is a 5 seater with a pair of jump seats in the rear cargo compartment which are only meant for minions.

EV Spec Comparo

EV Spec Comparo – International Pricing

Jaguar might have lacked here and there in nitty picks but when it comes down to pricing it slaughters all of its competition by a good margin. The Jaguar I-Pace originally retails being close to $9,000 cheaper Model X 75D and even $4,000 cheaper than the Model S 75D. Considering EV’s do not demand much after rolling out of the dealerships, the money saved easily can take care of the car for the rest of the life.

EV Spec Comparo