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The New Age of Suzuki Katana is upon us! – Arrives Oct. 2 at INTERMOT

Every year, October and November bring the collective citizens of the motorcycle world much to dream, talk and discuss about. And why not it be? INTERMOT at Cologne, Germany and EICMA at Milan, Italy are two most significant Motorcycle Show’s on the planet. Like always, this years as well, we are expecting a few really juicy new motorcycle to drop by at the INTERMOT 2018. Though we expect most of them in ‘concept’ mould, only to be presented in their production avatars at EICMA in November. Of all the upcoming motorcycles for 2019, may be the rumoured return of the Suzuki Katana has to be the most significant.  Suzuki itself is working overtime to keep the hype train going till the October 2 reveal of their new motorcycle.

2019 Suzuki Katana

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Now, less than a week to go before the new Suzuki Katana is revealed to the world, we have a collection of 4 teasers that Suzuki has dropped over the past month. With the latest teaser having just released today, let’s go through what we all know about the rebirth of the Suzuki Katana nametag. You can have a look at the latest Teaser below:

Suzuki Intermot 2018 Teaser – Phase Four

It is interesting to note that the bike shown flowing into a corner looks essentially the same design we saw last year at Suzuki’s EICMA stall. However, Suzuki said that it was ‘not’ and official concept. Looking at the things right now, we reckon, the sheer amount of positive responses it got would have made Suzuki take it up as a production design. Thus, we are glad the production form (hopefully) has not lost much in the process. This is something that we are really looking forward to.

The first smell of an imminent rebirth of the Suzuki Katana name came from the US CARB fillings and the Japanese maker trademarking the name for US market. Soon after Suzuki had collaborated with famous custom shop coming out with resto-mod GSX1100 Katana. This kick started the frenzy revolving around the classic Japanese naked. Also, a while back, Suzuki had showcased its ‘Recursion Concept’ which was a turbocharged middle weight motorcycle promising liter class power in a much smaller, lighter package. It was even then rumoured that this concept will eventually go into production with a known nameplate. The way it looked was enough for us all to understand that it cannot be anything else than the Suzuki Katana. The design inspiration from the 80’s classic were too close to ignore.

2019 Suzuki Katana

It is also known that the Hamamatsu brand will be bringing in a bevy of new and significant models for 2019. With the likes of the new Suzuki GSX-R600 and Suzuki GSX-R750 along with the long rumoured and pending Hayabusa into the mix as well. This makes us wonder how Suzuki will include the new Katana into the mix as well. Or if might just mean that Suzuki is not exactly bringing an all new model, but showcasing a new technical direction it would be taking. The Kanji character, “斬” can be roughly interpreted as ‘cutting with a sword’. Now with Katana name not exactly being talked about, and this character also serving as the basis of more words. Such as, “斬新” which translates into innovation. This might also be something to keep an eye on as well.

Here are the first three teasers for your consumption:

Suzuki Intermot 2018 Teaser – Phase One

Suzuki Intermot 2018 Teaser – Phase Two

Suzuki Intermot 2018 Teaser – Phase Three