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VW Group To Reveal 6 New Models in 2019

The Volkswagen Groups has officially confirmed the launch of six completely new models under different brand badges. These six includes Porsche, Bentley, Audi and Volkswagen. Starting with the Porsche, the brand will unveil its all new Cayenne Coupe, at its 2019 Annual Conference in Wolfsburg, Germany. The details will surface in the same event. Coming from Audi, the brand will launch its all new Q3 Sportback and an iterate version of B-Segment SUV in the same suit. The Bentley will soon be unveiling the replacement of its Flying Spur, not much apart from the new launch is known. Finally, the brand will also unveil Volkswagen Bora and Volkswagen Lavida. Both the cars from VW badging are already being sold in China and will soon be getting an electric version. The rest of the world will however, receive an updated iteration and will also be based on a new platform. 

Volkswagen Group Plan

The brand also initiated its strong movement towards battery-electric vehicle (BEV) and will soon accommodate 15 new MEB underpinned electric cars. The move is initiated to achieve the goal of 22 million electric car sales by the year 2025. The company predicted its future by stating by the year 2040, nearly 70 percent of the vehicles will be BEV derived, however the claim includes the addition of plug-ins hybrid and sustainability on renewable energy. The group is also focussing on sustaining and developing of renewable energy mechanics engine power system. This mechanism will act as a self charging motor even while on the move making it nearly impossible to run out of juice. The brand is also investing heavy on renewable energy production factors over conventional plants.