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VW Unveils Budget Brand, Jetta

Volkswagen will be introducing a budget oriented brand across international platform. The new entry brand called as Jetta, will launch in China towards the third quarter of 2019. The decision was made after majority portion of Chinese automotive market is in a segment below its main volume segment. Therefore, Jetta is VW’s efforts to rope in customers from entry level segments, which consists of roughly 80 percent of the population. The brand VW also has a sedan named Jetta, which is offered in the global lineup. 

Jetta brand’s cars will be produced by the FAW (First Auto Works) – Volkswagen joint venture. The FAW is a Chinese state owned automotive company. The brand will debut with three cars with its lineup, which consists of two SUV’s and one sedan. One of the SUV and a sedan is already being revealed. According to the representatives of the VW, Jetta brand will have 200 showrooms operational by the end of the year. Volkswagen has not made any statement regarding launching the entry-level Jetta brand in any other markets apart from China.