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Yamaha To Commence Testing Of Prototype Fuel Cell Vehicle

Yamaha will soon commence the testing of its YG-M FC – prototype fuel cell vehicle out in the public road. The prototype in question will be dealing with the usage of Hydrogen Fuel Cell technology in vehicles. The property of the Hydrogen Fuel Cell assimilates to the electric vehicle with better range and refuelling time almost equal to conventional fuelling system. The byproduct is oxygen ans hydrogen.

Yamaha Hydrogen Fuel Cell  Side

The YG-M FC prototype fuel cell vehicle uses compressed hydrogen as its fuel and can seat four occupants. In terms of size, it is 3,370 mm long, 1,340 mm wide and 1,710 mm tall, with an overall weight of 640 kg. The testing on principles of seamless vehicle sharing service. The trial will take place in Wajima City, Ishikawa Prefecture, including scheduled routes as part of the city’s ‘WA-MO’ new transport system.